Canadian Consultant provides comprehensive Architectural and Engineering Design services encompassing all specialized fields required to successfully Design and Construct a single or a complex of buildings.

Canadian Consultant's Design results in an Architecture that is relevant to this Region, employing the State-of -the-Art Technology available in the World. While Design Excellence and Quality of Aesthetics are of paramount importance to CEC, a thorough process of cost reduction methods is adhered to throughout the design and construction periods on all CEC projects.

Project Types include: Residential (Towers, Villas…), Commercial, Office, Industrial, Interior.  

Graphic Design

A talented team of graphic designers develop a variety of interior and exterior graphic signage programs. We firmly believe in the power of a strong medium, whether it is for a diverse collection of schools in a university, or a multi-zoned hospital complex, we have the experience to deliver inventive graphics. Each project responds directly to the client’s needs. No formulas. No boundaries.

Specific projects include environmental guidance systems, etc. 

Structural Engineering

CEC provides economical structural systems, suitable for various project types with a philosophy to create a Structural Design that would complement the Architectural Design facilitating ease of construction.

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)

CEC provides a complete MEP design for various project types, by employing the most up-to-date engineering developments in the field and utilizing stringent energy conserving methods, canadian consultant is able to create a most comfortable interior building environment.

⦿ HVAC Design

⦿ Electrical systems

⦿ Fire Protection Design

⦿ Plumbing (Drainage & Water Supply)

QS (Quantity Surveying)

Our Quantity Surveyors are well versed with POMI, preparation of BOQs and documentation for tender, tendering, contract documentation and administration per FIDIC conditions of contracts. 

Construction Supervision

Supervision of construction works in accordance with the established CEC QA/QC procedures manual including rigorous monitoring of construction activities and enforcement of safety through suitably qualified and experienced site engineers from various disciplines 

CEC applies total delivery system. We are always inclined towards supplying continuous service from the inception point to handing over a satisfactory product  that has our signature. Site Supervision is an integral part of our scope of service. CEC’s site supervision delivery is the guarantee to safely deliver a quality and environment friendly end product within budget and in time. Our site supervision resource base forms the backbone of our delivery system. Throughout the years, we have managed to bridge the gap between the design office and on-site construction via an in-house site supervision base which supplies the site with a permanent supervision team and a specific supervision plan on a job to job basis, supported by the back-office core team expertise on regular monitory basis.

At present, CEC maintains an in-house site supervision team with broad expertise in:

⦿ Quality Assurance

⦿ Health and Safety

⦿ Quantity Surveying

⦿ Contract management

⦿ site and material inspection

⦿ site logistics

⦿ land surveying

In addition, our site supervision team has an extensive knowledge of all engineering disciplines i.e. Architectural, Structural, MEP, Civil and environmental engineering.

Our partners are always assured that CEC is the venue for highly qualified professionals, who are trained to reserve our partners best interests in terms of time, cost, quality, health and safety at all times.

Program Management

Projects executed by Canadian Consultant take full advantage of its system oriented approach to project delivery, what that means back to the owner and client is time & cost savings with maximum quality for their projects. Rigorous discipline in the use of CEC’s project delivery system is the best protection offered an owner against cost overruns during construction. Tight, well-coordinated, properly documented construction documents, accurate cost estimating, commitment to pro-active cost management and quality assurance / quality systems are CEC’s cornerstones. 

Owner's Representative

Represents the Owner during the design and execution phase of a project. Responsibilities involve decisions related to design finalization / alternative designs, and action concerning financial issues such as payments to consultants / contractors, and review / approval of variations and / or time extensions / claims.

Schedule Management

Canadian Eng. Consultant contemporary approach to management of pre- construction, construction & post-construction stages utilizes internationally recognized scheduling, project control techniques and computer applications such as Primavera project planning modules. Our vast range of schedule management services include but are not limited to:

⦿ Master schedule development / monitoring & updating

⦿ Risk assessment / management

⦿ Detailed coordinated schedule establishment

⦿ Progress monitoring, control & reporting

⦿ Claim control / evaluation

CEC’s scheduling professionals are always proactively involved to establish potential problem areas and recommend corrective measures. 

Cost Management

Control of Budgets and estimates during the design process, including post-contract variations, claims and payments both for consultants and contractors.

Quality Surveying Services

Preparation of budget estimates throughout each stage of the design process, Preparation of detailed Bill of Quantities and contract conditions for tenders

Value Engineering

Consider alternative design solutions and material selection to achieve more economical design during the design process. This work is done at various stages of the design process.

Preconstruction Service

We immerse ourselves in all pre-design, design, tender and award services that includes establishing the project delivery strategy, planning, administration, schedule and cost control, design reviews for completeness and constructability, management and coordination of the efforts of all parties involved.

Construction Management

The Project & Construction Management Division follows best professional practices based upon recognized industry standards of management delivery. The division includes Registered and highly experienced Project and Construction Managers, Senior Cost Managers and Schedulers, Chartered QS’s, Civil and MEP Engineers, Architects and Landscape Architects.

One of the unique advantages of hiring CEC as the PM/CM is our ability to also conduct Design Peer Reviews through in-house capabilities from both our Design & Planning and Environmental Engineering Divisions.