Canadian Consultant is a dynamic and continuously evolving company providing services from project conceptualization to delivery. Canadian Consultant has developed skills in designing, managing and delivering a wide range of projects catering to the requirements of our esteemed clients.

The driving motivation is to go the extra step in realizing the true potential of the project opportunity for the client and for the project team to take pride in being associated with it.

We understand that it is only through an integrated process of working with the client and team members representing all aspects of the project, that the vision and practical implementation planning can be developed that will result in a successful project.

We approach all our projects by first exploring their ultimate goals rather than simply accepting the details of the design brief.

Canadian Consultant team of dedicated multidisciplinary professionals applies fresh thinking to each design project with a view to achieving the right product that fits client requirements and meets the established criteria of time, cost and quality. 



⦿ Architecture

⦿ Structural Engineering

⦿ Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP)

⦿ Urban and Master Planning

⦿ Civil and Environmental Planning

⦿ Interior Design

⦿ Site Supervision

⦿ Construction Project Management (CPM)

⦿ Peer Reviews and Value Engineering

⦿ Information Technology (IT)

We try to accommodate the needs on projects of all sizes. We supply innovative yet economical consultancy solutions maintaining our service standards at all times.


  Our methodology is based on :

⦿ Creating good communication and cooperation between all the key stakeholders.

⦿ Use of workshops to challenge assumptions and preconceived ideas, to encourage lateral thinking, and to test proposed solutions.

⦿ Use of specialists to bring additional knowledge and experience at the earliest stages of the decision making process.

⦿ Developing an appropriate balance between international best practice and local codes and construction technologies.

⦿ Integrating sustainable design processes and initiatives into the project within cost budgets.

⦿ Value engineering to avoid overdesign of structural and services systems.

⦿ Establishing and monitoring an agreed quality standard for the engineering design and construction.

⦿ Identifying and managing key risks throughout the project.